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Pedogenesis in an Archaeological Dark Earth – Mulatto Earth Catena over Volcanic Rocks in Western Amazonia, Brazil

Luís Antônio Coutrim dos Santos, Jane Kelly Silva Araujo, Valdomiro Severino de Souza Júnior, Milton César Costa Campos, Marcelo Metri Corrêa, Regilene Angélica da Silva Souza


ABSTRACT Archaeological Dark Earth (ADE) pedogenesis and pre-Columbian history are fundamental for understanding the biodiversity and pedodiversity of the Neotropical rainforest in the Amazon region. This study aimed to evaluate the morphological, physical, chemical, and mineralogical properties as well as NaOH-extractable organic matter [OM(NaOH)] in ADE and Mulatto Earth (ME) overlying volcanic rocks along a toposequence (four soil profiles) in western Amazonia, Brazil. The soil profiles show anthropic A horizons over an argic horizon (Bt) in the ADE (Humic, Pretic […]

Spatial Variability of Soil Properties in Archeological Dark Earth Sites under Cacao Cultivation

Douglas Marcelo Pinheiro da Silva, Milton César Costa Campos, Uilson Franciscon, Leandro Coutinho Alho, Luis Antônio Coutrim dos Santos, Pérsio de Paula, [...]


ABSTRACT Soils with an A horizon formed by human activity, an anthropogenic A horizon, are found in the Amazon Region. Few studies have examined the spatial distribution of the properties of these soils. We mapped the spatial variability of some soil properties in an area of Archaeological Dark Earth (ADE) in the Brazilian Amazon. A sampling grid was defined over an area of 42 × 88 m under cacao cultivation in which sampling points were established at a spacing of […]