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Ajmalicine Bioproduction in Catharanthus Roseus (L) G. Don Inoculated with Arbuscular Mycorrhiza and Fertilized with Nitrogen

Cecília Silva Monnerat, Marta Simone Mendonça Freitas, Ivo José Curcino Vieira, Marco Antônio Martins, Almy Junior Cordeiro de Carvalho, Paulo Cesar dos Santos, [...]


ABSTRACT Catharanthus roseus (L) G. Don (Madagascar periwinkle) belongs to the Apocynaceace family and is widely spread throughout tropical and subtropical regions of the world. The plant produces several important alkaloids, such as ajmalicine and serpentine, which are used in the treatment of circulatory diseases. The potential of inoculation with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) and nitrogen fertilization to enhance the production of alkaloids was investigated in periwinkle. A greenhouse experiment was carried out to evaluate the effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal […]

Reforestation of a Degraded Area with Eucalyptus and Sesbania: Microbial Activity and Chemical Soil Properties

Vanderlan de Oliveira Paulucio, Cristiane Figueira da Silva, Marco Antônio Martins, Marcos Gervasio Pereira, Jolimar Antonio Schiavo, Luciana Aparecida Rodrigues


ABSTRACT Mining activities generally affect soil quality, degrading it and creating the need for consistent environmental recovery efforts. This study evaluates the influence of monospecific and mixed stands of Sesbania virgata (S) and Eucalyptus camaldulensis (E) on the chemical properties and microbial activity of the soil in a degraded area by clay extraction in the northern part of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Four treatments (100S:100 % Sesbania , 100E: 00 % Eucalyptus , 50S:50E: 50 % Sesbania […]